Monday, November 16, 2015

Holder and Top for New Jnat Stone

I've two new Jnat stones, one is a medium hard that seems to be about equal to a synthetic water stone's 3000 grit. The newest is a Takashima Lv3.5 finishing stone. I've posted photos of the Ikarashi stone a couple of days ago, we can't let it get all the glory. Now can we?

I made a holder and lid for the Takashima similar to the one for the Ikarashi. The Takashima is long, so long I had to turn the stone pond 90 degrees for it to fit.

The Takashima base and lid.:

Stone with top removed:

Both the Ikarashi and Takashima on the stone pond:

Gotta click to big 'em.

As of now I'm working a four stone sequence when finishing on the Jnats. I set the bevel on an Atoma 1200 then refine the bevel and remove the diamond stone's scratch pattern with either a Soft Ark or a Washita. Set up the iron for finishing with the Ikarashi and final finish on the Takashima with a pull through some Oak end grain or a pull on a oiled strop to remove any wire edge that remains. Seems to give a good edge but with a little more work than using oil stones. BTW, I'm working both ways for now to see which is better for my work flow and needs.

The oil stone sequence is a little quicker because there is no need to raise a slurry. The sequence is very similar. Start on the Atoma 1200, refine on either the Soft Ark or Washita, and finish on a Hard Black Ark with final polish on a Horse's Butt strop with green stuff.

Either set of stones works well and fast with Western O-1, Japanese White Paper #1 or #2. If you hollow grind PM-V11 either will also work well. Luckily I have no working A-2 iron in my shop (there are a few LN A-2 irons stored in the junk iron cabinet) so I do not know if either set of stones would work with A-2. I expect not.

Who knows where it will end because the synthetic Gukumyo could still be in the mix. For a synthetic water stone it is low maintenance and gives a very sharp, strong, edge. Damn I'm fickle.



  1. The stone are the left has bevels on the outside edges is that normal for this stone?

  2. Ralph,

    I don't know if you would call it normal but Jnats usually do not come in neat, straight cornered blocks like Ark oil stones or synthetic water stones. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. Many times there will be only one side that is useable because of fractures, inclusions and such.

    I'm not sold yet but I think there is a chance the Jnats can be an improvement over oil stones.


    There is a 40mm or so flat on top, as the stone wears it should widen.

  3. Well you got me on those Jnat stones, had to look it up. Interesting stones. Years back, LV had some limited supply of natural Japanese stones, I played with them at the store, nice but expensives...
    I suspect these are not cheap neither. Where do you buy them?

    Bob and Rudy, having family visits this week

  4. Bob, I have to keep you in your toes :-). They are not cheap but because the supply is limited and depleting they will increase in price going forward. I figured if I wanted to try some Jnats I'd better do it now,

    I'm so familiar with Ark oil stones, like using them and the results from a Hard Black or Translucent Ark plus strop very much. So far I have never found anything better. Some stones might be a little faster and/or put a better polish on but, there is always a but, without fail there will be a down side. It could be the mess, the amount of maintenance, whatever, there is always a down side and taken as a whole the oil stone works better for my work flow and personality.

    I guess what I;m saying....I'll give the Jnats a fair shake and hope they replace the Ark stones. If they do it would be a big win but I have my doubts.

    I got them from Japan Natural Stone .Good folk to deal with and they ship quickly.

    I'm back under adult supervision, Pat made it home last night after over 12 hours of dealing with the airlines for what should have been a three hour flight. Sam's life is complete, I'm the walker, treat dispenser, butt and ear scratcher, and "pull" toy but Pat is his life.