Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Still Playing With Video

I made a short video of sawing one of the tendon cheeks on the table upright. Mostly I wanted to show using a pattern maker chisel to "v"grove the cheek and to showoff my bald spot.

I haven't got around to learning to use the Go-Pro or video edit but it is coming.

The table is coming along, the two base feet are roughed out as are the two uprights. Next up is chopping the mortises for the foot/upright and cutting the bridle joints for the upper support.



  1. Hey, my bald spot is bigger than yours. I was surprised to see you used a handsaw on the tenon. I would have used my 16" sash saw to do it.

    1. Ralph,

      I'll bet I'm raptly gaining on you. Handsaw is so much quicker on that size cut and the cut is as good.