Saturday, April 11, 2020

Started on Kitchen Table

The new kitchen table will be modular with two end pieces/legs and a wedged stretcher between them. I haven't decided on a slab yet but I expect it will be "blind pegged" like my workbenches so the table can be expanded by changing the stretcher and the slab.

Here is the first rough cut of one of the feet. BTW, the base wood is Alder. I'm still doing the "yes but" about the slab.

Stay safe,



  1. Trestle are my favorite style for tables but my wife hates them. Funny but we don't have any trestle tables in the house.

    1. Ralph,

      That's a shame, there are a lot of good things about a trestle table vs. four legs and a apron.

      I know, I spent over a year wrestling with trying to meet all the conflicting wants of MsBubba with a four legs and an apron table with no joy.

      BTW, over at SMC a poster replied I was just building a workbench for the kitchen, he nailed it.