Friday, April 17, 2020

Chopping, Paring and Fitting

Tenons on the table uprights are cut. Next up is chopping and paring the mortises on the feet and fitting the two.

This may be a little slow going, MsBubba has plans for my time, as always damn that line of sight, that involve pressure washing the roof and moving the solar panels so we can roll on new roof coating. That's the bad, the good is I can take only so much of roof work at a time. a couple of hours a morning before it gets too hot is about it.



  1. Steve D7:17 AM

    Moving solar panels sounds like a hell of a job. Better you than me.

    Last time (only time) I was on my main roof I got stranded up there because I was spraying silicone brick sealer on my chimney and lubed the roof between me and my ladder.

    What is your opinion of drilling out the start of a mortise like you did? I find that getting the depth is nice but not sure it's an advantage for squaring the ends and the sides. Next time I have giant mortises I think I might try drilling just the ends since that is the difficult part to clean the bottom out and chopping the middle.

    1. Steve,

      It is not as bad as it sounds but still kicked this OF's ass. A roof is not a good place to be trapped for any length of time.

      I do not like drilling out mortises and only do it when they are this big and deep. Because I do not drill often, they are always catywampus
      and a PITA to fit but when they are deep and big it is probably the best way to go.

      The other option is to do two mortises side by side and then remove the center section. If they had not been so deep that is how I would have done them.