Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Small Box

Other than sharpening and moving a few things around in the shop I've not made anything mostly because of dealing with AFib for the last three months. The AFib is gone for now and my energy is returning to normal. It is time to make something and what better way to start than a small box made from shop scrap.

Here is my return to the shop box. Lots of things where the forehead met palm but it still made a box. Biggest problem after installing the hinges and mounting the top the lid started doing stupid wood tricks.

That's the bad news, the good is (big if) if I wish making another top is easy.  Some of the wavy edge chamfer is from trying to clean up a bad lid, some from hadn't done it in months. So shoot me :-).

Next up is the much talked about kitchen table, most of the wood for the base is in the wood pile I just have to stay out of MsBubba's line of sight long enough to get started.

MsBubba asked if I would show her how to make a box using hand tools. We spent a couple of hours yesterday breaking down stock by hand and getting it square and ready to mark out. BTW, ain't no way we will do anything on the machines, not even the band saw, I like her hands with all ten fingers.

It should be fun making making a box with MsBubba because this really is starting from zero skills and it is making me think about the basics.



  1. Yesterday I was planing a big slab outside and my wife came and wanted to try playing with the #5. She did some pass and told me "that is fun!", I liked it.

  2. Lionel,

    Yep. working on the same project can be very enjoyable. Back when MsBubba and I first started seeing each other I bought a "wheel" so we could sit together and throw pots. After a couple of years her wheel died, she took over mine and I never got around to buying another. Mostly because at about that time we had a very small space for the wheel and I was off flying and many times living for months in some of the garden spots of the world like North Africa and Afghanistan.

    It is looking more and more like I will be retired soon, I may have to buy myself a retirement present of another wheel.


  3. Buying a retirement present, hum, im still doing that to myself :-)

    Life here is normal, except that the dogs take us out for walks around the house, instead of the other way around. Being going thru tons of papers, shredded lots. Found some old pics and course reports, all good :-)

    We are hunkered down and safe

    Bob, back from his perimeter check with Rudy and Diva

    1. Bob,

      My guess is it takes something like this to get me to retire, something where I can't "yes but" myself, where there is only one option.

      MsBubba being a nurse knows all the protocols, me not so much but she isn't cutting any slack. We get a walk around the block AM and PM and have been to Costco once but that is about it.

      A friend is going stir crazy but with my pile of wood, a full glue pot and Pandora I'm in for the duration.

      Stay safe,


  4. - I would like to make some woodworking with my wife.
    On my side I should learn how to cook. Although I am her kitchen clerk (peeling onions, washing vegetables, going 5 times to the cellar to fetch ingredients, cleaning the mess after, ...). I am always disappointed by the result when I cook myself.
    - the lid of my first box cupped also.

  5. Sylvain,

    Count your blessings :-). MsBubba has many wonderful qualities but cooking isn't one of them. BTW, I have a pot of gumbo on the stove as I type, the first tastes tell me it will be a good one.

    The box isn't good enough to go to the trouble to make a new lid, unless we run out of boxes to give as "thank yous".