Friday, April 24, 2020

More Liquid Hide Glue

The first batch of liquid hide glue is finished. Next up is testing the glue strength of the liquid vs. hot. Short story, the liquid joint failed at the glue line. The hot did not. Here are the photos:

Liquid hide glue joint done with clamps:

Liquid hide glue joint failed at the glue line:

Same wood cleaned up and joined with a hot hide glue rub joint:

I did not clean up the glue line so it would be easy to see that the glue line did not fail.

BTW, click 'em to big 'em.

Both failed with about the same pressure per my calibrated muscles. To be definitive more test would be needed but if the results held my first question would be, where do you want the joint to fail. Clean at the glue line or the wood itself.  I think that answer would be, depends.

Almost finished with the roof, just a couple of clean up items to go. I will say this for sheltering in place, a lot of things that have been pushed off are getting done.

There are a couple of inexpensive "toys" you need to help survive COVID-19. From my reading what is happening to folks infected with the novelvirus is they are showing up for help too late. The virus suppresses oxygen exchange in the lungs but does not affect carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide is what makes you feel "short of breath".  Because they do not feel shortness of breath folks are showing up for medical treatment with oxygen levels below 50% and by that time it may be too late to save them.

The first "toy" is a fingertip pulse oximeter , the second is just a easy way to take your temp. I found a cheap instant read thermometer at Costco for less than $80USD. If you do get infected use those two toys to tell you when it is time to go for medical help and not just go but jump up and down, hair's on fire demand help.

Be safe out there, hear.



  1. Just yesterday I tested an edge joint I made the previous day with Old Brown Glue. I was testing it because the glue was almost one year past it's 18 month "use by" date. But I had been storing it in the fridge. The joint did not break at the glue line when I whacked it with a hammer - the wood failed about a half inch away.

    1. Matt,

      I've read of several "test" of old glue. My guess yours is the only sure one but I do know OBG will be good well past its use by date.


  2. Lot of my glues are getting or are expired. I should do some test to see like Matt.
    Yap, the pulse meter and instant read thermometer are always handy to have around. Non intrusive, rapid test. I have BP and asthma, got these tools for a while.

    Around here is a never ending process to get thru the promised list (AKA, when /if I ever had the time to do...) Yap, busy is good :-)

    Bob, who got around to file his taxes today. Well actually my accountant, but I signed the paperwork :-)

    1. Bob,

      I know how it goes, when getting low on a glue I buy another bottle but not being Scottish like MsBubba, I start using the new bottle. You know the end results.

      Other than the thermometer to tell you you have the flu vs. a cold the pulse meter is the most important tool in the box when dealing with COVID-19.

      Someday I need to photograph MsBubba's yellow sheet on the kitchen table. Most of the time it runs two pages of honey-does. I will give the old gal credit, her list is even longer and she gets hers done.

      I got my rebate check in the mail today. First rebate in years, there are advantages to MsBubba's retirement.