Thursday, April 30, 2020

Limping Along, Pushing Decisions Ahead

Since March I've been on a suspended state with work. No work from home because there is nothing I can do but allowed to stay home with pay and benefits. That has been the status, it was expected to end on May 15th. I had a big decision to make, go back to work on the 16th or retire. I got a call this morning that gives me a third option which is a temporary (75 day) layoff. No pay but retain my benefits. The layoff also will allow drawing unemployment.

While I really had no option on the 16th, there wasn't any way I was going back to work and sit in a very small black box with two clients who could very easily kill me.

Bottom line I've kicked the can on down the road for an additional 75 days. Every day closer to December, when MsBubba starts drawing SS, which also was my planned time of retirement helps.  We can do it now but I will ride this pony as long as I can.



  1. So now you have to list enough woodworking projects to fill these 75 days :)

    1. Lionel,

      That with MsBubba's honey does is no problem.

      At the end of the 75 days there is a good chance I will not go back to work. It all depends on how safe it is and the truth is I doubt much will change in 75 days. That's the bad news, the good is because it is a layoff I'll get unemployment so the money hit is less than if I had quit which was my other option because as stated, there ain't no way in hell I was climbing into a Sim with two strangers who have been flying the world and arrived in Tucson via airliners.


    2. Believe me I understand. Up here they start to plan having people back to offices. Believe me there is no way I will soon take a train full of people to commute to office downtown!

      In case you miss some project let me know I have a bunch, just in case :D

      Take care.