Sunday, March 22, 2020

Life with Covid-19

I'm one of the lucky ones working for a large company and at this time I'm allowed to stay home and draw full pay and benefits. I do not get the monthly bonus from flight tests and checks but that is no biggie. The real value is MsBubba and I can and are self quarantined and can do it without money worries or drawing from savings for now. Most folks are not so lucky.

MsBubba being a retired ER/Trauma nurse knows how to quarantine, me I just get dirty looks and told what to do when I get out of line. Which is often. Bottom line we are in this for the long haul and will do everything possible to not catch Convid-19 or pass it on to someone else if we do.

Moving on. I'm back to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, packing ten pounds of stuff into a five pound box, or whatever you want to call it. Today's changes were ones I had wanted to do for awhile but couldn't find the time to do. Bottom line I think I've made the shop a little easier to work in but damn I have a lot of veneers, short stock, and cutoffs of nice wood that were stuck in the corners of the shop and not a clue what to do with them. Tomorrow I'll start going through the pile and hope there is more firewood than I expect.

Be careful out there, wash your hands and do not horde TP,



  1. Steve D2:22 PM

    You are extremely fortunate in that you are on the payroll with no immediate duties.

    I am still very fortunate that I can work from home but I can't use the time out of the office to have shop time.

    Best of all I'm virus free as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, all hell may break loose if the plug gets pulled on social distancing. Either way, the economy has a pigsticker in its neck. Might as well reap the health benefits at this point.

    1. Steve,

      I agree, we will have a major economic hit. The Fed has no tools left and the current government is brain dead. We need an FDR and have a spoiled 7 year old brat that's too dumb to know he is dumb.

      Our only hopes are companies that allow social distancing for enough time and State government.

      Pretty thin tea.


  2. Like Steve I am lucky to be able to work from home since last week. My wife though is not that lucky, and working in an hospital makes her service essential. Hopefully she will be fine. Working from home allows me to save a lot on transportation wasted time, but at the same time I work more considering the situation and all I need to care about, and I don't know why it is like I have ore things to do at home. Anyway I feel lucky, do no complain and fine time to do some wood work here and there. Also my wife and I are super enjoying the time we spend together.

    Take care Ken and be safe! Same for all of you around that sick world.

    1. Lionel,

      I'm so glad my wife retired last year. She was an ER nurse for most of her working life.

      As a militant atheist I can't say my prayers are with you but they are.

      Take care,