Sunday, March 22, 2020

77th Birthday Present

I decided to splurge on MsBubba's birthday present to me. She doesn't know what it is yet but It will be one of my favorite presents from her. It will arrive a little late but that's OK to.

C.S. just finished an American Welsh Stick Chair class and I bought the Cherry chair he made while teaching the class. From the picture it is a beauty.

More when I unpack the crate,



  1. Awesome...chair. she doesn't know it yet but it will be one of my favorite presents from her:-)
    Well played Sir :-)

    Happy birthday and many more.
    Stay safe

    Bob, in a state of emergency

  2. Bob,


    Thanks. I wanted the chair because I wanted the chair but I justified buying it because I want to see how it was made. Right now my chair builds are in the blind because all I have to go by are photos. I should learn a lot getting hands on.


  3. Steve D2:17 PM

    77? You are in great shape for 77. You certainly deserve a nice chair.

    Happy b'day.

  4. Steve,

    Thanks on both. After two days of moving wood and workbenches around the shop I feel every one of 'em :-). I did find a full cart of firewood hidden along with some really nice cutoffs over those two days.


  5. Happy birthday Ken, at 77 you're still green wood! :)


    1. Thanks Lionel,

      I guess so, at least I'm still upright and haven't been put in a kiln to dry. Truth is while I can't lift slabs of timber like I did 10 or so years ago by working smarter I can still function and if the virus doesn't get me there are some good years left.

      Hope your "remain in place" is going well,