Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Still Alive

Following a wet Winter is a a Spring where the hills are alive with every pollen producer known to man. A long way around to, damn my allergies are bad and are kicking my ass.

The chair is where I left it several weeks ago. About the only thing I've done in the shop other than walk out there and turn on the lights is turning a "French" rolling pin out of Beech.

I know it will end, but damn I'm tired of setting on the couch blowing my nose, hacking big bloody green ones and feeling sorry for myself. I expect MsBubba is tired of it as well.

See you guys on down the rod,



  1. My brother suffered with spring time allergies. He was a miserable SOB to be around then. Just opining out loud that spring isn't your favorite season. Glad as d ugh out posted ac n uh update about your absence.

  2. Hang in there Ken, winter is around the corner... :-)

    Bob, running and dodging

  3. Steve D7:47 AM

    It's not a dry wetness out there?

    At least you can still type. Look what happened to Ralph^

  4. Ken ignore the last sentence in my first comment. Sent that from the phone and it doesn't like fat fingers.

  5. Have you tried a HEPA filter?

    1. Andy,

      It would be a little hard to filter all of AZ :-).

      I have the best Ace offers on the house AC.


  6. Thanks guys,

    Finally went to the Doc yesterday, One listen to my chest and the IV poles came out. Turns out it was pneumonia. Anyway 1.5L of saline and a couple of meds with it, sent home with a couple more and this morning I'm actually up and doing thing instead of sitting in a chair feeling sorry for myself.

    After a couple of MsBubba' honey do's in the AM. I may even get back to work on the chair this afternoon.

    Thanks again,