Monday, April 08, 2019

Reaming The Seat Mortises

Using a 6 degree reamer on the seat blank:

I think I'm going to like the new reamers. 

I had an old fart moment earlier that if I were using the 12 degree reamer could have been a problem.  I haven't a clue why but the first thing I did this morning was take a plane and clean up the top and bottom of the seat blank, removing all my sight lines from the bottom. No sight lines when using the drill powered 12 degree reamer could have been a problem, that sucker can get away from you in a second.

Today it wasn't a problem. The center line nail holes were still there so recovering the slight lines was easy and the hand powered 6 degree reamer is a lot easier to control.

Chair building will be slow this week. I've a six day line right in the middle of the day. Oh well, the day job does keep beans and tortillas on the table and for the most part me out of trouble.

See you on down the road,


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