Sunday, May 12, 2019

Chair Tools

Well the last month or so has been fun. I'm finally kinda back in the shop. This morning I finished up the seat blank for the chair I started back when. The legs are ready to fit, maybe this afternoon. After fitting the legs I'll decide on seat spindles, arms or not and crest rail. I'm leaning towards just arms.

Just so I'd have a photo to post I made a photo of the "chair" tools I've used in this build.

Clockwise from top left to right is a tenon cutter, it's handy to have three. One for leg tenons, another for spindle tenons, and a third for arm tenons. Next is a 6* reamer, a travisher with a 4 1/2* sweep, a card scrapper shaped for seat saddles, a scorp, and last an adze. You don't need all of 'em to make a chair but each makes the process a little easier.

To saddle a seat you can start with the adze to rough out the shape and follow with a scorp to smooth it out. Then use a travisher for finial smoothing and getting the seat ready for card scrapping and sandpaper if you wish.



  1. Ken
    interested in where you got the reamer and travisher. I'm slowly closing in on getting a tool kit together for making a chair.

    1. Ralph,

      Careful out there, it can be addicting :-). Here is a link to links for most chair making tools: another source for travishers is


  2. Thanx for the link Ken. I have already bought a travisher from Crown Plane. He made them for Mike Dunbar. I want to try making one the welsh chairs that Chris S is making.