Sunday, October 14, 2018

Shaping Legs and Seat Blank

I've been supervising a new instructor for the last few days. Before that, for the last two weeks I was on the late PM to early AM shift. I actually like the shift for about a week. No suits in the building, just do your thing and go home, but after a week the lack of good sleep starts to affect me and by the end of the second week I'm just bone weary. To jump from two weeks of the night shift to a week of supervising is cruel and unusual punishment. Woe is me, enough kvetching for now but if you read about an old fart Tucsonian eating a pistol next week there could be a good stash of tools for sale.

I've been in and out of the shop today between taking care of Casa Chaos and MsBubba.

The new chair's seat blank is mostly ready for the legs.

And I'm shaping the leg blanks before cutting the tenons.

The jig does a good job of holding the legs for shaping and with a sharp iron in the #5 it is pretty quick work. I've thought about making a similar jig to hold the leg blanks for running through the planer and may yet. Of course I'm always in the middle of shaping the legs when I think about making the jig and by that time it is easier to just continue doing it by hand.

The seat blank is Honey Locust and it was a pretty gnarly board but it was close to the right size and had been hanging around the shop for a few years. I haven't a clue what will happen when I knock the legs home. There is a good chance it will split, oh well shit happens. If it does I'll go find a nice hunk of Poplar or maybe Red Oak, clean the hide glue off the leg tenons, and start over.


  1. Ken
    a seat of a nice hunk of Popular ? Gotta love autocorrect :-)_
    Made me laugh because in French the word Populaire is often spoken Poopular while trying to say the word in English.
    Here is a clip from a comedy show about a former Canadian French PM who poopularized the word

    Bob, still trying to drink his coffee, without making a mess :-)

    1. Thanks Bob,

      Fixed. Autocorrect and not proofing will get you everytime :-).

      I've giving up on not making a mess. Sam likes the mess, he figures there is a goody in there if he can just find it.

      I've almost finished the last leg, on coffee break and checking email.

      Turning the tenons next and a quick dry fit to see if things are close to alined. I have a "test" tenon but I really need to turn four test legs to check alinement before doing too much more work on the seat.