Monday, October 01, 2018

Back From PNW

We made it back to Tucson midday Sunday. It was a good trip with few problems other than the usual tech problems with cell phone coverage, internet, and Satellite TV (tall trees).   Two small glitches with the motorhome, the outside door handle stopped working at the second fuel stop in Needles CA. and on the way back between Barstow CA. and Needles CA., it was a very gusty and windy day, a gust hit the motorhome from the side and blew off the over door retractable awning. My guess it was 50 to 70 knots strong. It was a good thing no one was following closely or near the motorhome when it hit.  BTW, ain't nothing as fun as a 400 mile day keeping a motorhome between the bar ditches on a gusty/windy day.

The door problem was fixed by getting the ladder out of one of the bins and going through the drivers side window, opening the door from the inside and then removing the latch system. For the rest of the trip we had to use the deadbolt to hold the door shut, no real problem just a PITA.

I didn't have much use of the portable workbench this trip, while it didn't rain a lot there was mist and fog most days. I did set the bench up in the Fort Bragg CA. site for a couple of days and did a little work on a small box (didn't finish it). Anyway here is one of the few photos of this years portable bench in the wild. Notice the whisky glass on the tool chest. It was a very good day.

Because of WX and fire we didn't stick to plan but were pretty loosey goosey and in the process found a new favorite place to go and one not so favorite place. Grants Pass OR while not too bad is not one we are likely to re-visit. Trinidad CA. is great. we stayed there instead of Brookings OR. because of smoke and liked it so much we spent a couple of days there on the return trip down the coast. It is a beautiful place with a great bay for kayaking and even has a nude beach. We didn't go to the beach, no need to cause the locals to need eye bleach.

We made it as far North as Cape Lookout OR. kinda cold and misty the whole time, MsBubba loved the WX and the hiking, the dogs and I spent our time walking the beach, chasing tennis balls, and Maggie finding rocks to throw at my feet. The Cape Lookout area is a beautiful part of the Oregon coast.

If you know anything about RVs you know Quartzsite AZ. Quartzsite is the winter boondocking capital of the world, at least according to Google. I finally got to spend a night in Quartzsite on the way home. It was a little early for all the snowbirds so a place for the night was easy to find, maybe  someday we will show up mid Winter.  



  1. Welcome back Ken
    Good story of your trip. I would imagine driving a RV in a strong crosswind is no fun. Had a chuckle on the nude beach description, ain't that the truth :-)
    You and Google are probably correct about Arizona becoming the new Snowbird capital. Lotsa of my friends winter that way... Me, I like to explore the Caribbean…

    Bob, who is being reminded by Rudy that it is apparently treat time !?

    1. Bob,

      Thanks, it was a good trip. I'm getting closer to pulling the plug and the trip was a short dress rehearsal. I'm still not 100% sure retirement will not drive me to barking at the moon but we may see in about another year.


  2. Ken,

    I lived on a ranch near Grants Pass for 25 yrs. It was the best place I ever lived from a natural environment perspective but I just couldn't take the social environment. In my time there, it went from being a very positive small city to being a bitter, angry one. There was huge resentment against logging restrictions which took away a lot of blue collar jobs and an influx of California retirees with strong anti-government opinions. I was sad to move away but the Grants Pass I knew and loved didn't exist anymore.

    1. Andy,

      The downtown area is nice and it is a great setting but the RV park sucked and a lot of "rolling coal" went on with the locals. Also every evening smoke from the local fires rolled in making breathing difficult. Just not a good vibe.

      ken who hasn't outgrown the 60's