Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bench Planes

I'm always looking for an excuse to post photos of the shop. Over on the SMC site one of the posters has given the perfect excuse by requesting posts on the "7" daily user planes.

Because I prep most of my stock with machines I will seldom use seven planes on any single project. So my thought was to post an overview of the shop's tool storage followed by photos of some of the planes grouped by usage. Showing the ones I use along with planes in the same group that are not used for whatever reason.

To start here is the tool storage behind the main workbench:

Storage to the left of the main workbench also over the sharpening bench:

Storage on the right side of the main bench:

The tool chest;

While this is not all the tool storage in the shop, there is still the "tool room" aka known as Fibber McGee's closet. it is the majority of the tools I use daily or on any project. BTW, I've been on a quest for several years to cull the herd with little success.

A look at the individual tool to follow in a later post.



  1. Ah yes, the culling part is the hardest... for some reasons :-)

    Bob, who would not know...but i heard from a little voice in my head

  2. Bob,

    Over the last couple of years of trying to reduce my tool load I may have sent a half dozen planes to new homes. Those open spots on the chisel racks may look like I've reduced my chisel inventory but it is an illusion. The open spots are there because I've moved a couple dozen chisels off the racks into new storage boxes under the bench. The reason for doing that is to make room for the pre-1930 Marple chisels I have coming in the mail.

    I'm a sick puppy, what else can I say.

    Whatever, the dogs love me as long as I have treats in hand