Sunday, September 10, 2017

Wood Working In A RV Park

While working, folks will drop by to see what I'm doing but really not many more than is normal for any activity outside the RV.

The work is back to the basics because of limited tool set and of course tools that should have been packed but missed the boat. Such as a marking gague, how that happened I haven't a clue. Amiazon of course came to the rescue....sort of.  I'll cut to the chase as much as I can but being me some back story will be included.

I have a dislike of cheap knockoffs of someone's original design. If you developed the tool you should benefit from the sale of the tool. There is a cheap knockoff of the Titemark, looks the same, made of brass, and is about $60USD cheaper on Amazon. The problem is I can get next day delivery from Amazon, not from Titemark. So I let need override scrupules and ordered from Amazon.

There is good news and bad, I'm not sure which is which but.....It works about the same as a Titemark except it will not hold the setting unless you go all Conan on the lock screws.  For some reason that pleases me.



  1. I have seen and played with these knock off Titemark gauges in stores, they don't feel as good/smooth adjusting. Something to be said for machining...

    Bob, who would probably done the same in your situation. But forgetting a marking gauge?? :-)

  2. How about a listing of the tools that did made it inside your travelling circus?

  3. Bob,

    I know, I know, it is embarrassing to admit. Even worse was the debate over pin vs. cutting/wheel before loading the tool box.....Then I left both out, go figure.

    Good idea I will follow up with a tool list post once it is light enough to see.