Thursday, September 28, 2017

Changed Sharpening Bench

A bittersweet moment in the shop. Yesterday for the first time since I first started working wood my small bench is no longer in the shop. I'm not sure what will be done with it, could be a table for MsBubba's studio, or maybe convert it into another bar counter for the back garden, even put out front for a new life with someone else. Whatever it has been replaced with the traveling work bench sans leg vise.

The sharpening bench ne travel bench has a little more real estate to work with with about the same footprint, It should be a slight improvement....Just enough for a blog post but not much more :-).

BTW, I've converted all my stones to using water with a touch of soap as a lubricant. With the exception of the "India" stones they all seem happy. This way I can grab any stone and use it without worrying about oil contamination of my JNATs or man made water stones.

I will start a new travel bench build soon.



  1. And what prompted this change? More real estate for sharpening and wanting to change a few things on the travelling bench?

    Bob, where we are noew feeling tne effect of Maria and about a change in temps. And rain...

  2. Bob,

    Mostly finding a place for the traveling bench prototype and as good as the old bench was it was getting long in tooth. Also the little extra room i.e. the tool tray on the back is nice to have.

    The travel bench was going to be rebuilt anyway and this should end up win win.

    We in turn are having the best WX of the year, can still swim but nice cool nights and day time is perfect. It's a good thing it isn't like this year around, the place would be overrun.

    A woof and a butt scratch for Rudy,