Thursday, July 28, 2016

Three Stones

It is a sickness I know but.....I've three new stones on the bench and one more "in the mail." Two of the stones are JNats and the other is a Norton Hard Ark.

The two JNats are Suita's from different mines and both can be considered 95% finishing stones. The only reason to go to a finer stone is trying for ultimate sharpness that is usually not needed for day to day work. The one in the mail is also a Suita but courser and will be used as a setup stone.

The Norton, what can I say but wow. I went against Doctor's orders and tried it on a O-1 western iron. The chisel was set up with a med India then honed on the Hard Ark followed by stropping. I couldn't believe how quickly I had a very sharp and usable iron. The Norton Hard Ark is not cheap for a Ark stone but damn Bubba it is fast and leaves an edge that just needs a little stropping. My new recommendation for any one just starting out is just that combination. For just a little over $200 USD you would have a lifetime sharpening set up. The only kicker is the Hard Ark must be from Norton, I've other Hard Ark stones and they are no where near as fast.

More once I've two arms to work with.

From left to right, Norton Hard Ark, Nakayama Suita, Shinden Suita.


  1. Going against doctor's advice..tst tst Rebel without a cause :-)

    Rudy :-)

  2. It's great you are able to get in the shop and do a little something. But ... don't jeopardize the long term for the short term.

    I've only ever used diamond plates and lately I'm not certain they still cut as well (the coarse definitely doesn't). There's always way too much to think about when deciding what to do about sharpening.

  3. Yeah I know....Got away with it because MsBubba is in Houston with the kids :-).


    Of the diamond plates the Atoma line will leave the fewest rogue scratches but Atoma's finest plate is about 1200 grit. I've tried and used many systems and while I'm a fan boy of JNats good Ark stones and a strop will get you to 99% of where JNats will at very little cost.