Wednesday, July 27, 2016


There will be little woodworking for the next three months. I had my first post-op visit and PT today. The good/bad routine was the surgery looks good but for four more weeks I'm not to use the arm, all movement must be assisted movement. Maybe after the four weeks I will be able to do light work with the right arm. It is going to be a boring four weeks, it has only been two weeks post-op and I'm climbing out of my skin, four more and I'll be postal.

MsBubba and I did manage to go to Houston last week. After a few days I'd had enough and the dogs and I did the 17 hour trek home. It is a long day....hard to believe but the trip, Houston to Tucson, is a perfect Saddlesore 1000 (1078 miles by I-10 TBMRITUS) and I would think nothing of throwing a leg over the bike for one of those. The SS1000 was an easy ride, entry level for LD Riders.

One other small change: I almost drove a diesel pusher home from Houston, had my name on the contract but .....After thinking about it I decided to stay with 5th wheels and as luck would have it the first day back in Tucson I found the perfect 5th wheel, a Carriage Domani DF300 with all the bells and whistles. Anyway I'll pick it up next Tuesday and I expect I'll make a test run down to Rocky Point, MX to make sure everything is working before the Oregon trip.

A couple of things woodworking or at least sharpening: Two of the three JNats on order from So-san arrived, there is still one to go and the Hard Ark from Norton also came the other day. I'll have much more on the Norton Hard Ark later but as a teaser; I could see it with a medium India and a strop being a goto system.

See you guys on down the road,



  1. Hi Ken,
    that sounds like a longer break.
    Man, all the best and get well soon.


  2. Staying idle that long would drive me batty too.,,
    But you know the drill Short term pains for long term gain... Be a good boy! (for once ? :-)

    Take it easy and a prompt recovery

    Bob and his critter Rudy, who is meeting lots of my friends from away dropping by

  3. I had to look up what a Carriage thing was. At first I thought it was motorcycle but how can you ride a motorcycle with one arm? For that matter how can you woodwork with one arm? Road trips will give you a chance to heal.

  4. I guess a one armed motorcyclist would be doable, unless you ride an old Harley with a suicide shift :-)

    Bob, soaking up the coffee, dodging hail balls (too early for snowballs) :-)

  5. Thanks guys,

    Yeah, the break is longer than expected....I may be barking mad by the time I can use both arms and go back to work and work in the shop. I don't do "nothing" well.

    I expect next week to do a s"shake down" run to Rocky Point, MX pulling the new 5th wheel then if all goes well the following week head to Oregon.