Friday, April 15, 2016

Tool Room

For the last week or so I've been "cleaning" the Tool Room aka Fibber McGee's closet. It had finally become unusable, you can only have so much stuff in a finite space before it becomes no mas, no mas.

The Tool Room reached that point a couple of months ago. Anyway I've been beavering away, picking up each treasure and giving it a thumb's up or down. The ups mostly had to be put in a holding area until space was created, the downs went to a holding area on the front deck.

MsBubba has been understanding so far.

While it is a long way from done you can almost see progress and a kinda image of how it will be once finished. Of course once finished the process starts anew. "What do I do with this thingamajig? Hell I don't know, stick it in the tool room." A year or so later I'm back to posting a "Tool Room" post.

Here is what has come out so far:

The tool room from the right end:

In the other direction:

From the door way:

Still a ways to go and a lot of junk on the floor but.....

When I've needed a break from cleaning, well maybe you can't call it cleaning a better term is maybe moving stuff from one pile to another, I've worked on the tool box. It's not the best box I've made but it should be square enough and strong enough to use as a tool box. Paint and pooky can hide a ton of sins.

Click 'em to big 'em.



  1. I saw your problem right away Ken. There were way too many non-tool, don't belong here things robbing valuable space in the tool closet.

  2. Maybe time for a garage sale? I liked that statement: "Of course once finished the process starts anew". Might be time for an intervention.

  3. I see like me, you have tried many permutations of sharpening systems...:-)

  4. Ralph,

    Yep the Boss helped fill it up, the good news is so far not a squawk about the pile of junk by the front door. I expect before the weekend is over there better be a couple of Craig's List ads up or I will be finding a new place to store.


  5. Bob and Matt,

    Last night I typed up long and brilliant responses to your comments but somewhere between the typing and the posting Blogger ate 'em, never to be seen again. Damn they were good, oh well, this is the best I can do in my morning fog.

    Matt, yours had something about my fear of a TV hair piece followed by his camera crew walking through my shop talking about and showing the piles of stuff after I've croaked. BTW it also mentioned the 30 odd hand saws now hanging from the rafters and the more than 30 joinery saws in the saw till and hanging behind the main work bench. Not as great a response as the lost one but I hope you get the picture.

    Bob, yours had something to do with Ark oil stones vs. everything else and how all grinders have a place because whatever. Damn I wish you could have seen it, brilliant and funny, well that's life :-).


    P.S. give Rudy a treat for me.

  6. LOL, OK gave Rudy his treat and he thank you.
    Now you have to reciprocate with your critters Wouf!

    Bob, trying to type with Rudy help(?)

  7. Oh I forgot, Im driving down with Matt and we will pick up Ralph on our way then switch car when we pick up Jonathan to arrive in style for our intervention :-)

    Get the drinks ready, it will go down easier LOL

    Bob,sipping Newfoundland Screech coffee

  8. Never fear, I'm as bad with single malts as I am with tools :-). BTW, the desert is blooming and green....WX couldn't be better.


  9. Ken,

    You evicted Buhdha I see!

    I see that Bob is planning on picking me up on the way to the intervention. I have a sneaking suspicion that Bob just wants to get me to clean his car!!!

    My shop has been getting a little over-run with stuff lately. I think I'm going to have to have a clear-out and maybe build some better storage solutions.

  10. Jonathan
    OhOh busted... :-)
    Remember the First law of Aviation:
    Take offs are optional, but
    Landings are mandatory ... :-)

    Bob, writing up law No 2 :-)