Friday, April 29, 2016

One Down,,,,One to Go

Heard a loud "pop" in my right shoulder a couple of days ago while doing some honey do's around the house. I've a appointment with the Shoulder Doc Monday, I expect he will want to cut. In the meantime I'm learning to work one handed .

I'm pretty much in the short rows on the tool box, one tray down and one to go. I expect I'll finish the second tray in the AM. Then it is just paint and lid to finish the sucker off.

I'd been holding off on the top, waiting for the new Plano Vertical Glue Press to arrive, turns out UPS delivered it last Monday, "Left on Doorstep". Whatever, Advanced Machinery has found it and will see it is on its way this coming Monday.

I've a spreader holding the saw till in place while the hide glue sets and I've tried a few things to see how they fit. Only problem found so far is the Japanese paring chisels are too tall to fit on a side wall, I'll have to make a paring chisel till in one of the trays.

If I can stay out of MsBubba's line of sight tomorrow it will have at least a couple of coats of milk paint by sundown.

I've found some very nice 4/4 Cherry shorts at an attractive price. The second tray is Cherry from the shorts and I plan on using them for the lid and panel. If I do, the lid and panel will be left natural with just a BLO finish. The inside will be left unfinished down to leaving the pencil marks and joinery notes. My excuse:....It's a tool box.



  1. That looks really nice. I hope you like it as much as I do mine. Chris Schwarz recommends against putting finish on the inside of a tool chest but I can't remember why. I didn't finish mine and haven't regretted it.

  2. Andy,

    Thanks, it is turning out better than I thought it would back when I was arm wrestling the galloping Cypress. It still isn't a show piece and I have to remember to keep my mouth shut if someone looks at it but I believe it will be very functional. Paint will hide most of the major problems.

    It's too big for the intended use unless we go ahead with buying a Class A RV and tow the current 5th wheel tow truck. More likely than not, that is what will happen. Until then, I've found a place just behind the bench where it will fit and be useful.

    One more cup and I'm out to the shop to finish the last tray.


  3. Coming along nicely. I must say you are one determined dude! Working with a kidney stone, a bum heart and now a bad shoulder... You would have made a good military man: Mission first! :-)

    I like your way of thinking, too big for its intended use, will have to buy a bigger RV :-) Why didn't I thought of that first!? We would nnow own the mother of all RVs ah!

    Bob, sipping coffee with Rudy