Sunday, April 24, 2016

More Tool Box

The tool box shell is kinda done. It has a coat of Shellac to seal the Cypress and I expect I'll paint the outside with some color of Milk Paint. Maybe Blue or Yellow, who knows. I've a big can of Black and a big can of Barn Red, it could end up with any of  'em.

I should be farther along but....Life always steps up anytime you get cocky. This time along with the stone I've been in AFib for the last couple of days. My energy level ends about the time I walk to the shop. Bottom line, I've been working through it but production level is pretty low. Besides it is a heavy sucker and every time it needs turning over it kicks my ass.

Lots of less than perfect work in the making but it is square enough and strong enough to do the job. Of course MsBubba during one of the many times she helped move it to a new position said...."Oh this would make a perfect toy box for the grandpeanut". She didn't call him the grandpeanut but I've got to have some freedom of expression. Of course she is correct, a slightly smaller version would make a good toy box for Levi....Maybe by the Winter Solstices Celebration.

I'll start on the frame and panel for the lid tomorrow as well as the trays. Neither of which should take too long. 


  1. Yours is coming along quicker then mine is. And I don't have a stone to pass neither.

  2. Amazing progress all considering...
    Maybe you should re-titled these posts Toy box for the grand peanut :-)

    Take it easy, don't overdo it...

  3. You don't need to hear it from us, but ... listen to that ticker. The project is coming along nicely.

  4. Thanks guys,

    I'm taking it easy, mostly just piddling around. The trays and lid are still waiting but today may be a run the streets day with not much done in the shop.