Saturday, December 26, 2015

Back From Rocky Point Mexico

We traveled back to Tucson on Christmas day. It was a good trip, WX was close to perfect, the critters swam till they couldn't swim no more, I drank beer, ate tamales and tacos till I couldn't eat no more, MsBubba....maybe she could have sit on the beach a little more but it was time to get back to the shop.

MsBubba, the critters and most important a tennis ball:

We celebrated the most important day of the year, MsBubba's birthday, while there:

I watched a couple of Videos while enjoying a few single malts after a hard day on the beach. A couple of takeaways; Charlesworth's are worth the time spent watching, Cosman is as well in spite of his selling, and Schwarz made a couple of mistakes in his "Super-Tune a Handplane but was also worth watching.

A couple more photos because I can:

Last one:

As 'em to big 'em.

It's good to get back to the shop. I spent the morning fettling a old Stanley #5, I believe a type 12. It had been on the rack for a few years and still had a OEM iron and chip breaker which I changed to a Vertias O-1 iron with a Hock chipbreaker. I flattened the sole and had to enlarge the mouth for the Vertias O-1 iron. I ended up A&B'ing the iron, sharpened the first time with the LN honing guide on waterstones and didn't like the feel. Sharpened a second time with the old favorite, freehand on a soft Ark and a Hard Black Ark followed by a Horse's Butt strop with green stuff. Much better, the plane could be a keeper.

One last item, I have a 10" CBN wheel for the Tormek in the mail. Report when it arrives. BTW, I ground the skin off my right thumb this morning getting enough pressure on the iron while using the Tormek, happens more often than I like to admit. I expect the CBN wheel will be faster and not need the pressure, it may save some thumb skin. 


  1. Welcome back. Look like a good time was had by all, including the critters :-)
    You are quite right about the most important day of the year...our spouses
    I never used a Tormek, but not quite sure why it require so much pressure?
    Looking forward to your report on the CBN wheel.

    Cheers, and keep your hockey stick on the ice :-)
    Bob from the land of snowblowers

  2. Bob,

    Yep, forget the day and pay for it for a year. This year I did good with the help of the waitstaff.

    The slow speed and a 220 grit stone all make far a very slow grind unless there is a lot of pressure put on the iron. Even with pressure a Tormek is slow if you are removing very much iron. Yesterday I was taking a new Veritas O-1 iron from a 30 degree primary to a 25 degree primary. The real question is why in hell was I doing that, answer is "because" :-).

    I like a 30 degree effective bevel on O-1 iron vs. 35 on A-2, not that I like to use A-2 but it is getting to the point of having to use A-2 on Lie Nielsen planes. But I ramble on a sure sign of OFD, anyway I like to start on a 25 degree bevel to make it easy to freehand close to 30 degrees.

    I assume you use a snowblower to blow snow? What a strange custom :-).

    Someday I'll have to tell the long and boring story of my last winter in Salt lake City, UT. and why it was my last winter in SLC.


  3. Sound like you forgot, once, too :-)
    All my blades, with the exceptions of my assortments of Hi angles for my LV LA jack plane are at primary 25, that's my go to angle.
    But i'm not sure I would have bother changing a 30 into a 25, unless I had no choices IE not available?

    The snow is really accumulating fast this morning, Rudy doesn't care much for it :-)