Friday, December 11, 2015

New Camera

My camera work has been on hold for a few years, mostly because of changing location, time, and limitations of the current camera. Before going digital I carried a Leica everywhere and used it to document my life.

I finally, I think, have found a Leica replacement in a FujiFlim X-Pro 1. It has been out for a few years, in fact one of the hold ups has been waiting for the replacement X-Pro 2 that has been rumored but never released. I figure its release date is now Jan 2016.

Anyway the new camera along with learning to use "Lightroom" should keep me entertained between projects and when not in the shop sharpening iron.

Shield any small children's eyes and make sure the critters can't see the monitor, here is the first image made with the new Fuji. Ugly Dude in front of a wall of tools:

Sweet Maggie Dog looking out for folks and critters walking in her gully:

Sam the Wonder Dog barking at critters in the gully:

And last, the gully the critters protect. Looking out to the Northwest and the Tucson Mt.:

As always....Click 'em to big 'em except for maybe the first one :-),



  1. Good pics, here's hoping the first one did not break the camera :-)
    That cactus in the pic look foreign to me, I'm used to much smaller ones in pot inside the house. At one time Heather used to grow Bromeliads.
    Giant cactus and Palm trees is not something we see much around here... except in indoor botanical gardens. They probably would not make as good a Christmas tree as our plentiful mighty pines :-)

  2. Bob,

    I don't know who that OF in the photo is, I'm sure if I look around I can find the selfie I made....Damn Bubba you have gotten old.

    Those are Saguaro cactus, They are pretty much limited to the Sonoran desert because they are pollinated by a Mexican Bat of limited range. Most will have Woodpecker nests and as the Woodpeckers move on other critters move in. After Spring rains they flower and for a few weeks the birds have a feast.

    We live on the edge of the Saguaro National Park so there are a few in the neighborhood :-). BTW, I've seen a few deserts around the world and the Sonoran is one of the prettiest.

    I should add, several years ago I made several "Saguaros" out of some old 4X4's one of which has served as our Winter Solstice Tree each year.


  3. Ken that first pic is a sight better than the one you posted on the nose boo-boo.

  4. Hi Ken,
    nice new toy. The pictures are well done. The focus is at the right point and the details are clear to see.
    I'm not pretty familiar with Lightroom. I hope the learning curve is not too high. But the good thing it's operating visual so you can immediately see what you get.