Saturday, December 19, 2015

Off to Mexico for a Few Days

The last couple of weeks haven't seen any production from the shop. I'm in between projects and I have been doing an early AM Initial Line. When you have a 0100 show not much gets done that requires thinking. I finished the guys up Friday morning, rested most of what was left of Friday and today has been spent getting ready to go to Mexico for a week.

What I have done in the shop for the last couple of weeks is sharpen a lot of iron and play with my planes.

I've several newer Lie Nielsen planes acquired after Lie Nielsen stopped making O-1 cutters. I've tried very hard to fall in love with A-2 but it's just not working. There is another problem with Lie Nielsen planes, neither Hock or Vertias O-1 cutters will bed on Lie Nielsen frogs.

Lie Nielsen irons are 5/32" thick, Hock and Vertias are 1/8", you wouldn't think 1/32" would make that much difference but it does. The depth adjustment yoke goes too far into the cap iron and will not let the cutter seat on the frog, if you grind the cap iron so the yoke seats then the iron/cap iron are too thin for the leaver cap to tighten. Arghhh....

I've looked at the Clifton irons and while they are thiner than Lie Nielsen they are just thick enough to work. Once back from Mexico I'll order a couple to replace the A-2 cutters.

BTW, I received a couple of Japanese Blue Paper Stanley replacement irons last week. They are really nice, they come with very flat backs and will take an incredible  edge. It's a shame they will not bed on Lie Nielsen frogs either. They are so nice in the older, lighter Stanley planes the Lie Nielsens may get set aside if the Clifton cutters do not work out.

I'm looking forward to a few days of R&R with beer and tacos for breakfast and watching the critters swim their hearts out. See you guys on down the road,



  1. Try Ray Iles for O1 blades; I really like mine.

  2. I too have a couple of A2 blades for my LA LV low angle plane. Cant say I care much for how it sharpen. Thankfully, they still make O1 which is what i regularly buy. May try their new fangled PMv 11 blade sometimes in the new year. I like the idea of putting a laminated Japanese blade in an older Stanley.

    Have yourselve and your loves one (critters included :-) a merry Christmas.
    Bob, who just turn 59 yesterday, same day as Ralph... Uncanny :-)

  3. R Francis,

    Thanks for reminding me, I have a Ray Iles iron laying around. If it is thick enough I'll give it a go.


  4. Bob,

    PMv 11 is nice, I like O-1 better but that's just me. I think is has more to do with what I'm use to than anything else.

    You'll have a happy and good holidays as well.