Monday, July 27, 2015

On The Road Again

Other than "making music with my friends" describes how I feel. Damn I love the road, some of my favorites are ones others find boring. There is a differene between "looking" and "seeing", when you see there are no boring roads, my favorite are ones where you can see the future for an hour or more,

First stop was a CA rest area with a truck packed parking lot, after a couple of hours rest and a few miles it was north on I-5 followed by Hwy 20 to Fort Bragg and the first RV park. The park is an unexpected jewel, across the road is a great beach. What was expected to be a one night stay has been " who knows".

I did bring a small " kit" along, three diamond stones, a strop, and a chisel roll with older chisels that need some TLC. I worked on a couple of chisels yesterday, pretty nice with Sam the Wonder Dog and  Sweet Maggie Dog at my feet, cool air but warm sun and a beautiful setting. Add in a couple of martinis and life doesn't get much better.

We may move on north after a couple more days or may not.

1 comment:

  1. Well if you love open road, try the Canadian prairies...flat country for as far as the eye can see. The most boring part of driving across Canada :-) Are we there yet? takes on a new meaning :-)

    Enjoy your traveling excursions, taking the time to enjoy it is the only way to go IMHO.
    PS If id knew, i would have send you a couple chisels that need sharpening :-)

    Bob, about to move fridge and stoves soon...