Monday, July 13, 2015

Lie-Nielsen Sharpening Jig

Ok, I admit I'm a sucker for any shiny new gizmo that comes down the pike. Lie-Nielsen has updated the old Eclipse sharpening jig and I had to have one.

I expect I will continue to freehand sharpen 90% of the time but I can see once the mortise chisel attachment is available I could use the LN jig for my pig stickers. It should also be useful for keeping the bevels flat on the Japanese chisels.

We will see once the attachments are released, or it could end up in the black hole of unused sharpening jigs....Happened more than once before.

Anyway it, the Lie-Nielsen jig, arrived a couple of days ago and here are a few photos of it with a couple of residents of the black hole of tools and one of the Lie-Nielsen set for use.

From left to right: Eclipse clone, Lie-Nielsen, Eclipse.

Same but wheel side.

With a Japanese paring chisel set for a 25 degree bevel.


  1. Interesting. But I could not afford to waste that much on something for the black hole :-(
    Ralph initial comments are encouraging, I may or may not pull the trigger on it later on.
    Soooo many tools choices, so limited budget :-)

    Bob, the retiree on fixed income (well fully indexed for inflation) :-)

  2. My old eclipse jigs can't be found. I must another black hole that I don't know about that they are in. As for me, I intend to use this LN guide exclusively and do maybe 1% freehand.

  3. Bob,

    I hear you, It's not long until I put my Jepps away for good.

    I agree with Ralph, this is a well made jig and with the little I've used it works well for the chisels that fit.

    I'll post more once the other attachments arrive.


  4. Ralph,

    I expect to continue mostly freehand, just comfortable working that way, but from what I've seen so far the jig is heads and shoulders above any of the others I've tried.


  5. It is interesting that the Eclipse clone is larger than the genuine model. Do you find one works better than the other?


  6. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Why get the basic set now? LN may offer a better deal when the accessory is released for the mortising chisels.

    I find it hard to understand why people experienced in sharpening would buy this basic set unless they want it to sharpen very narrow chisels that they can't already handle. Buying this NOW cuz one day it can be used with an accessory for thick chisels makes little sense to me.

    I guess it is because it is LN and people can't control themselves snce it's just $100 something.


  7. Bill,

    Sorry to take so long to reply, on the road with very spotty Internet connection. Yes there is a night and day difference. Setting the iron is much easier, it holds the iron strongly and while I'm not big on jigs this one will have a place in the shop.


  8. Richard,

    Sometimes things just work, this happens to be one of them.