Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Dog's Breakfast

No theme today, just random thoughts:

The day job has been crazy, nine days to a dozen between days off with many days doubled. Poor pitiful me, all those hours setting in a dark box pushing buttons to torment the crew in the cockpit. It's pretty easy work but it is still putting on the monkey suit and being somewhere other than the shop.

All that was a lead into: I start an extended PTO starting Friday the 24th. That of course is the kinda good news, the kinda bad is I will be out of the shop until the 10th of August. The really bad is TBMRITS (the best motorcycle road in the States), I-10, is closed because of bridge washouts near the CA-AZ border.  Of course I was planning on using the alternate roads that now have I-10 bypass traffic as my route bypassing LA and on into Northern CA and Oregon. Stuff happens, on to plan B whatever it will be.

Anyway this year we will be traveling with a 5th wheel and no motorcycle, I'll miss my annual drive the princess to Oregon with the Wing in tow. After princess delivery a quick ride back to Tucson and then a month or so later a return motorcycle ride to somewhere in Oregon to pick her up and drive back home. I've been doing it for years but its time has passed.

More stuff to keep me out of the shop. I've a rotator cuff tear, been there for awhile and no clue how it happened, that will be repaired on the 27th of August. Who know how long that will take before I can work in the shop. The blog may get a lot of attention.

Finally something about working wood: I've had a little time to use the new Lie-Nielsen sharpening jig. It's pretty good. good enough that it may change my work flow if the attachments work as well as the basic jig. I expect I will continue to freehand the quick touchup hone while working but I can see at the end of the day, before putting the chisel or plane back in the rack, using the jig to re-establish the bevel.

See you folks on down the road,



  1. I'll second the new LN honing jig.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Just heard the 10 reopened today!
    Safe travels

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Need a nurse when you have surgery? Barb

  4. Barb,

    Would love one. I'm guessing the starting of the tear is from the ski injury back in the day. Then the years of raquetball didn't help. Whatever it finally has to be fixed. Wish you could.


  5. Dan,

    We ended up going up to I -40. As with life, timing is everything . By accident we found a jewel of a RV park just south of Fort Brag. Went to see a good furniture show yesterday, may go by Hock's place today.


  6. Ralph,

    It works well enough I ordered the other jaws for it. I still think 90% of my sharpening will be freehand but it will have a place in the shop other than "dust catcher",