Monday, March 30, 2015

New Week

I had to work over the weekend so not much done in the shop. Some folks can come home after work, go to the shop and do several hours of productive work....That ain't me. About the best I can do is a little light tool maintenance, sharpen some iron if it is already sharp, wipe the dust off and put back in place the tools left on the work bench from the last time I was in the shop. That's about it.

I did receive a ECE Coffin Smoother I "won" off eBay. The Smoother was a pleasant surprise, the iron had been honed but other than that there was no evidence the plane had ever been used. Sometimes you get lucky. I've a "horned" old style ECE Smoother on the way, another eBay "win", hope it is in as good shape as the Coffin Smoother. As always, anything off eBay is a crap shoot.

I should get a couple of saws from Bad Axe Tool Works either today or tomorrow, the two saws will almost complete my collection of Bad Axe saws. The only one left is the new 12" dovetail saw, it looks like a clone of the TFWW dovetail saw. The TFWW dovetail saw is my favorite small dovetail saw, I expect once the tool budget recovers from the last two saws, in other month, I will put one on order.

Back to the shop for a couple of hours work before the rest of the world awakes and starts demanding time.

One last thing, a friend sent this link to a youTube video about a day in the life of a line pilot. It doesn't get much truer, if you have ever wondered what it was like to set up front, watch. BTW, I received the link a couple of days before the German F.O. decided to take 150 with him.

Living the Dream


  1. The Gofer5:47 AM

    Now that there is funny!

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Yep, that video seems to sum up what I saw years ago. By the time I had my SEL private ticket I had spent enough time behind the scenes at airports to know that I could cross airline pilot off my list.

    Sounds like you got lucky on eBay though.


  3. Gofer,

    Yep....sad, but true and very funny in a black humor way.


  4. Greg,

    I can't complain about the life flying allowed this dumb 'ol West Texas Farm Boy but it also isn't for everyone.

    I've one more ECE plane coming from eBay. Good, bad, or indifferent, I expect it will be the last I bid on for awhile. Stop while I'm ahead:-).