Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bath Vanity Update

I lost today to work....Can't complain too much I ended up with three unexpected days off. Stuff happens with days off, stuff does not happen on work days....Go figure.

The basic joinery with the exception of the lower shelf and the drawer divider is finished. I dry fitted the legs and stretchers to see how it looks. It's not bad.

Next up is the lower shelf, drilling and marking the mortise and tenon that will be draw bored, and chopping the button mortises for attaching the top. I also need to make the top, a small minor detail.

The UPS girl and I are becoming best buds, over my days off she delivered the Miele vacuum I ordered for my B-Day, new work shirts, a new ECE rebate plane, and a couple of books ordered from Lost Art Press. Yet to come in the next couple of days is a ECE Coffin Smoother and a couple of Back Saws from Bad Axe.

Here is a photo of prepping to saw tenon shoulders on one of the stretchers with a Bad Axe Large Tenon Saw, the saw is a beast but is really nice to use on a wide tenon:

One of the almost finished Bath Vanity base:

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