Thursday, March 11, 2021

Maggie Update

 First the good news, Maggie is OK. 

We spent the night tending her, at no time could she do more than a slight lift of her head. Anytime she tried to stand up she would fall into a loose pile of bones. By mid morning she did not appear to be better and we made an appointment with the Vet fully expecting to put her down. While waiting to go to the Vet we were visited by a neighborhood friend who sat with and petted Maggie for close to an hour. After her visit I walked with her to the street and we talked for 5 or 10 minutes. When I went back into the house Maggie was standing with her tail wagging, wanting a treat as if nothing had happened.

We went to the Vet anyway and she said Maggie had cluster seizures, with no need for meds at this time. She may or may not have more and if she has more there may be a need for meds to help.

It is good to have my shop dog back, thanks everyone for your concern.



  1. Steve D5:04 AM

    That's quite a story. Poor girl.

    I'm so glad she improved.

  2. Glad to hear that Maggie is OK.
    I think that you both deserve a treat to celebrate.
    Lots of thoughts.
    Jonas & Bertha

  3. Omg, glad Maggie is doing better. Rudy and Diva sends theirs woofs.

    Bob and Jean

  4. Very happy to see that swee Maggie is recovering. She deserves a T-bone!