Thursday, January 09, 2020

New Chisels

The Postman delivered the new chisels from Japan this afternoon. As always if Stan has the tools in stock his turn times are great. I've just unwrapped 'em and had a quick look see and I like what I see. My guess is they will stay in the box for a bit until I can find room in one of the chisel racks.

Whatever, here is a photo of the chisels and the box they came in:

They sure are pretty when new. White Oak is a little stronger than Red Oak but in use it gets pretty groudy.



  1. Beautiful chisels. I'm sure they'll love their new home and the friendly company!

  2. Stan.

    Yep, they are. There is something about knowing the skill that went into making the chisel that makes the sum greater than just a tool. It may be the romantic in me but it is what it is. I get great pleasure every time I pick one of the chisels up to use.