Monday, August 28, 2017

Portable Work Bench and Toolbox Loaded

The tool box isn't filled yet but I wanted to see how everything would fit. It does very well leaving good room to carry other needed "stuff".

On the PAX side bin I have the toolbox, the two legs, chop and parallel guide, and the vise backer board.

The driver side bin has the slab, tool tray, stretchers, and in the wire basket wrapped in a towel is the screw.

I wasn't too worried about the fit because I measured carefully but you never know for sure until you fit it in. It fits :-).

Now to fill the tool box and we will be ready for Oregon.


  1. And not a moment too soon ...
    Now let's see what you'll get done with it while on the road. Happy travels!

  2. Matt,

    Ain't that the truth. I discovered the Moravian bench just over a month ago after spending over a year trying to figure out how to make a functional bench to carry on trips. It was like first love, I knew it was the one. The tool box wasn't a problem but the bench was major.

    With work, back problems, and time off it was touch and go, until the screw showed up several days days ago I really didn't know if the bench would make this trip. I other words it has been working without a net for the last month or so.

    It will be good to set it up in camp for the first time even if only to hold my whisky glass.


  3. Happy trails my friends and do enjoy that glass of Whiskey :-)


  4. Bob,

    That i will do....Whisky may not be as necessary as I expected on this trip. I just found out the Docs have worked out an OK to give me a shot in the spine before I leave. It should relieve most of the pain until I return. Then I expect surgery shortly after returning. It's hell to get old.