Thursday, August 04, 2016

More RV Photos

Some more photos of the RV:

We will leave for the PNW on the 17th and be back in Tucson after Labor Day. I hope by that time I can return to the shop.



  1. Wow, very nice. Isnt amazing how much roomier those slides out makes the interior, very clever. So where will you set up shop inside, on the kitchen table? :-)

    Bob running before Ms Bubba catch me :-).

  2. Your RV looks better then some apartments I have lived in.

  3. Bob, Ralph,

    Thanks, yeah I'm thinking I need to be careful once MsBubba sees it she may want the house to look as good :-). BTW, this RV may be a case of it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. She is off traveling with the kids and has not seen the new RV.

    Our old 5th wheel was only 4' shorter but with just one slide. It's night and day room wise.

    I'm running out of time, of course having surgery didn't help, so woodworking isn't going to happen this coming trip but as I have posted I plan on having a traveling bench and tool box to take on long trips. You know the story of the tool box, once the arm heals I'll start on a smaller version followed by a small English style bench. Maybe next year.


  4. Ken,

    You probably know where you want to stay but if you are going over to the Evergreen Museum, Champoeg State Park is a nice 19 mile drive from there. If you want to stay there, you should make reservations now.


  5. Andy,

    Thanks for the info, I do not know if we will make it to McMinnville this year. I need to, it has been a few years now and it would be nice to visit with everyone. But it may be too far north for this trip, time is limited we have to be back in Tucson by Labor Day.