Thursday, October 08, 2015


It has been a strange year. About eight years ago I retired from flying and moved on to instructing other pilots. The job was a great retirement job, three to four days a week and less than 6 hours a day. I got to drink coffee, tell "there I waz" stories and was paid to do what I would have done for free at the local airport. Life was good.

A couple or three years ago the job started to change, slowly, like the frog in the skillet I kept keeping on, doing the best I could for the clients and also the other instructors. Instead of a nice semi-retirement job it slowly became a ball buster. Over the last several months I have done several nine to twelve days in a row lines, with no end in sight.  It has come to a head, for the first time in my working life my inter two year old has come to the forefront. I've started to say NO, not just NO but hell NO, I will not be there.

I'm not sure how it will end, I expect I will go part time so I can control my schedule. We will see but bottom line what is happening now is not sustainable.

The above is the main reason shop output has been low. When I work usually all I have energy for is a little sharpening. I posted the other day about the 20000 Gukumyo stone, I still feel the same way....It is the best finish stone I've found. It produces little mess, stays flat, cuts fast, and gives a beautiful polish.

I'm slowly completing the bath wall cabinet....The door is butt ugly, nothing wrong with the jointery but wood selection doesn't work. I expect when finished I'll hang it but replace the door when I find a day or two to build another.

I'm slowly cutting down the number of tools in my shop. Some are being sold, a few given away, but bottom line I plan to cut to two sets of tools, one for the main shop and another to travel. If you are looking for a tool let me know I might have a spare.

Because of saying "NO" I have a long weekend coming up. MsBubba, Sam the Wonder Dog, Sweet Maggie Dog and I are going to Rocky Point, MX for the weekend. A little Sun, toes in the sea, lots of beer, and more than a few fish tacos should be consumed.

See you folks on down the road.



  1. Enjoy the weekend and tip one back for me as I still have to work full time. Retirement is fog like dream right now.

  2. In my humble experiences, life can be way too short, so retire and enjoy life... Before you miss your boat waiting at the airport or something like that :-)
    Bob, awaiting for Heather to finish her first week of radiation

  3. Guys,

    My retirement is moving closer or at least going part time so I can control my schedule. Problem I have as stated before, I like what I do, just not as much as is being demanded over the last couple of years. If I wasn't doing it for pay I'd be at the local airport drinking the same bad coffee and telling the same "there I waz" stories for free.

    BTW, I can't do the Mexico thing too often, the 9 Kg (sorry Bob I couldn't resist :-)) I lost over the last three months I found in three day in Mexico.

    I hope Heather's treatment is going well, you both are in my thoughts,