Saturday, October 17, 2015

Damn Bubba, You Can Be Dumb As A Brick

Yesterday MsBubba informed me the pool pump had stopped working. I walked out to turn the pump on to check it out and noted she had pulled the inlet cover off and left it laying next to the inlet. When I turned the pump on, sure nuff, it didn't pump. The pump has a history of filling with trash, to fix it you have to open the pump up, clean out the trash, and put it all back together. Not a hard job, just one on your knees with Sweet Maggie Dog throwing tennis ball at you and barking in your ear when you delay picking the ball up and throwing it into the pool.

Today when I made it home from work I opened up the pump and found no trash but the gaskets were bad so off to the pool store for new gaskets. Replaced the gaskets, put the pump back together, while throwing tennis balls into the pool every two or three minutes.

Turned the pump on and no joy, that sucker still wasn't pumping. Hummmm, tried to remove the cover from the basket and it was locked in place by pump suction.  Damn, damn, damn, there must be an obstruction in the line from the pool to the pump.

Went over to the inlet, stuck my arm down in the water to feel if there was any suction and found a tennis ball pulled tight to the inlet.

Sometimes I'm so dumb the world would be a better place if someone just shot me.

On to a slightly better subject:

The door for the bath wall cabinet is finished as is the cabinet. it just needs hinges and a back....I'm off tomorrow and if I can stay out of MsBubba's line of vision I may get that POS out of my shop. Calling it a POS is a little harsh, the cabinet is nice but the door is as ugly as granny panties. I thought the Spalted Sycamore panel with the almost black SA Walnut rails and stiles would look nice. See above, I rest my case. While the Sycamore and SA Walnut do not work together, I expect I will fit the door so as the get the cabinet hung and then build another door later.

On that note, a little shop time tonight and I hope more tomorrow.



  1. LOL, that reminds me when we last had pools, on our last two houses. Lots of work for little uses. If this current house came with one, I will have bulldozed it!
    Curious to see the final look of that vanity, I'm sure you are a tad harsh and that it would look good.
    But hey, you can always make another for later...

  2. Bob,

    Here in the desert a pool is survival equipment. A PITA year around but for the 6 months of heat it pays off. Problem now is we had our last swim a week ago and until April it is just a hole in the ground to pore money and time.

    That's my plan, to make another door later but Pat may have other ideas, when she looked at it tonight she liked.....


  3. Ralph,

    I've the first coat of oil on so photos should follow soon if I can get Lightroom to work. The old CS3 Photoshop and Bridge I could make sing, this new upgrade not so much.

    If there is a Costco near it is worth the membership. Many of their house brands are as good as any and nothing they sell is second rate. We get our membership fee plus a little returned every year.....It's a good company.


  4. Yes I suppose it is survival equipment in the desert. Here you need a pool heater to get a few months out of it, the rest of the year it's only good for ice fishing :-)
    So miss Bubba likes it heh, there you go, done!
    Funny how we are always harder on ourselves regarding our own work...