Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Work on the Small Cabinet...the Never Ending Project

I've had some time free the last couple of days to spend on the small Sapele cabinet. I've rough dimensioned the Sapele rails and stiles and finished making the Sycamore shiplapped back. I've a nice spalted Sycamore board that should be enough for the door panels. I still haven't worked out the shelves, either wood, arrangement or if there will be drawers. I never have been very good at following plans or normal work order.

The LV Skew Rabbit plane makes short work of cutting the rebates and the LV Beading Tool does a nice job cutting beads.

The last rebate:

One of the beads on the shiplapped back, I've always used "scratch stocks" to bead, this was the first time using the LV Beading Tool. It's nice:

Back set in the box:

I had dug out my old Record 78 for the first couple of rebates just "because", it didn't take long to go back to the LV Skew Rabbit.

The box is coming along with few mistakes. Baring any major brain farts making the doors I should have a nice box. Then it will be on to making a stand for it. Ms OK has been bugging me as to "why" because "no one wants a box on a stand". She may be correct, if so, Goodwill may end up with a nice box on a stand.


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