Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shop House Keeping

Most of the time when I rearrange the shop, hoping to gain working room it does not work. It is an amazing concept: A 5 lb. bag with 10 lb. of stuff is still a 5 lb. bag no matter how you arrange the stuff.

This time may be a little different, all the machines are in a tight group, each has room to work but they are tight. The big change was getting the dust collector closer to the machines and I re-hung a couple of wall cabinets which has opened up a good area for additional tool storage and even a little extra floor space around the bench and band saw.

It is still a work in progress with photos to follow but it may be a few days. I just have one day a week off as far into the future as the schedule goes and my day off this week was spent taking care of a couple of projects for MsOK's studio.

BTW, I have close to a $1000 USD of very lightly used 1/2" router bits I'm going to sell. Most of the bits are Freud with a few Whiteside. I used 'em for the kitchen build a couple of years ago and haven't a need for routers or bits now. I'd like to sell all at once. Photos and prices once I get a couple of minutes to work on it.

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