Sunday, November 17, 2013

Display Case

Finally found a couple of minutes to spend on the small display case. I looked at most of the options for joining and settled on half lap dovetails. Chopping the pin board in the sapele is tough on chisels but it is going well if slowly. BTW, even though Japanese chisels are in the photo I'm not using them to chop, just to pare. For chopping I'm using the new Veritas PM-V11 chisels, they are hanging in pretty good.

I picked up some very nice quarter sawn sycamore yesterday. I think the sycamore will look good as a lapped back for the case. I'm looking for a spalted maple board to make the door panels, if I'm unable to find what I'm looking for there are a couple sycamore boards that would make attractive door panels.

I still haven't worked out the interior, how many shelfs, where, and/or drawer or no drawer, or even several, 

I guess after three years there is no need to rush.

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