Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be Carefull

Even the "safe" machines can bite.

Having two big hairy dogs, Sam the Wonder Dog and Sweet Maggie Dog, that love rawhide "bones" means I go through a lot bones. To save a few pennies I buy in bulk and cut them into smaller chunks with the bandsaw. Most of the time out of a big bag of rawhide one or two will grab a little but no big deal. Not so last night, about half way through the bag the bandsaw caught something and the bone I was cutting kicked back almost as hard as a table saw kickback. Caught me between the eyes and on the nose, Ms OK almost peed her pants laughing when I walked into the house dripping blood and telling my story. Being a nurse she made sure the repair work caused max discomfort, gotta love nurses.

Bottom line I was at the wood store when they opened this morning to buy a face shield before finishing cutting the bag of rawhide.

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  1. hey man, i've seen your blog on, thanks for posting up here!

    glad you're okay. it should heal up pretty well, a good nurse might make it hurt but they at least have been trained on how to clean a wound properly before closing it up.

    I have wondered about the efficacy of just safety glasses given they don't cover much beyond the eyes alone. a bad kickback scenario like you experienced has me wondering more about spending some coin on a good face shield. i say "good" even though pretty much any polycarbonate shield should do the trick, but it's like a bicycle or motorcycle helmet: the comfy ones don't get in the way, you sometimes forget you're wearing them, and that's the kind of streamlining i'm after.

    anyway, thanks for posting up and glad you're okay. next post ought to be one of your dogs enjoying their bandsaw bones!!!

    -Adam of Oakland