Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saw Sharpening

I've always sent my saws out for sharpening, problem is I can not find a local sharpening service for back saws. Damn, what an excuse to buy some more tools. After weeks of looking and reading all I could find on the techniques and tools for sharpening hand saws I decided "what the hell, might as well". A saw vice was needed and there are just a few chooses, new (Gramercy tools), used, or make your own out of wood scraps. The good used ones are too expensive, make your own looked like a PIA to use, so that left new. Ordered one from Tools for Working Wood plus the files and a saw set.

I finally got it all set up and sharpened the first saw last night.....not bad, did a rip cut 14 tpi on an old Frued back saw and it cut fast and almost true first cut out off the vice. After dressing the high side a couple of swipes, it made beautiful straight saw dust, saws better than any saw I've got back from a sharpening service.

Now I'm wondering why I didn't do this years ago.

The photo is of my sharpening area, plane irons, chisels, it makes no never mind.

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