Monday, January 02, 2012

Almost There

I hung the north wall doors yesterday, just the east wall upper and lower doors and the lazy susan door to go. All but two of the remaining doors are ready for paint, one of the unfinished doors had a brain fart cutting mistake and I had to glue-up a new panel, the other was also a brain fart but on one of the rails. I'll paint the finished doors tomorrow and deal with the brain fart ones once the others are hung.

Rode the bike to a RTE on the 31st, beautiful day to ride. It was good to air out the Dirty Fat Girl, for the last six months about all I've done is work on the kitchen redo except for a couple or three RTEs. Of course the three RTEs were good ones, the first was a run to Jackson Hole to meet a couple of friends for a hamburger. The next one was a Bum Burner Gold (1500 miles in less than 24 hours) for some Texas BBQ and the last was a run up to Cedar City, Utah for dinner with some riding buddies.

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