Sunday, May 08, 2005

Small Airport Life

I did a Biennial Flight review in a Cessna C-172 yesterday. This was the first time in over 20 years I have instructed in a light airplane. I have over 5000 hours of Instruction given but…that was a long time ago. Yesterday I was like a newbe doing it for the first time...and then the student asked me to do the last landing. It was not a thing of beauty but I managed to land the Cessna with enough grace that I was not too embarrassed.

The move to McMinnville has been very positive. My day job’s flying is some of the most interesting I have done, then add in a small town airport with the usual assortment of airport bums, students, and other hangers on, it has recharged my flying batteries. For the first time in years I’m enjoying the sense of brotherhood, the comradeship of the air that attracted me to flying for a living.

I’m enjoying it so much for I’m thinking about buying a light airplane. It will not happen but…there is a 230 HP Bellanca Cruisemaster for sale on the airport that I’m looking at with a lustful eye. Now if I do 40 hours of instruction a month at $40 an hour…that’s $1600…let’s see taxes will be about $600…that leaves $1000…hummm.

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