Sunday, May 01, 2005

More Food

I find I eat out very little unless I'm on the road. If I lived in Mexico or even The Sudan it would be different, other countries are still serving real food in their cafes instead of the robofood you find in all but the very best places here in the States. I like what I call real food, not necessarily expensive, but food that is made on site. I started to say "native food" but then I realized that deep fried, frozen, breaded, ground meat patties served with canned green beans and instant potatoes is native food in Texas. Sad thing is even in other countries American "type" food is being served more and more.

I loved the food in both Sudan and Afghanistan...both were very simple; charcoaled meat, bread, some chiles, and in Sudan fresh greens and tomatoes, served with either hot tea or fresh juice. I came out of country feeling better and healthier than I have in ages.

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