Monday, March 21, 2022

Small Project In The Shop

 Let's see, we have been in Tucson since the first week of December. In that time I've been assholes and elbows working on the house and garden. Both taking care of the things that needed attention from the seven months we were gone and getting ready to leave again for several months. Anyway enough of the "poor me" stuff, I managed to do a little real woodworking yesterday. From finding and selecting the wood for the project, to  prep and sizing of the parts.

The project was brought on by our making new seats for the motorhome dinette. The new foam is harder than the old and MsBubba's feet do not reach the floor. This calls for a foot rest under the table. As nothing in a RV can have a single propose the footrest will be a thin box ( 800mmX370mmX70mm) with a lid that can be used to store papers. 

Photos to follow once I can move enough "stuff" to have a place for joinery.



  1. Cool
    We shall await with baited anticipations the pictures to follow :-)

    Bob, with a full house, 2 kids, 5 grand kids and 3 dogs. :-)

    1. Bob,

      And fun for all :-). It is strange being dog-less. The good news the neighbor has a Chocolate Lab puppy that meets us for some over the fence puppy love. Damn he is a cutie and still all wiggling, licking, and nibbling puppy.