Sunday, July 11, 2021

Camp Host Site

 This is our Host Site at Cape Lookout:

It is a very short walk to the beach from our site. Once on the beach Cape Lookout is to the left and it is a half mile or so walk to the base of the Cape. When the tide is out there are deep pools along the base of the Cape. The pools are Sweet Maggie Dog's favorite place to swim and dive for rocks.

To the rear of the coach is a fire ring with enough room for two couples and Maggie Dog to enjoy the fire with drinks and telling stories, some may even have an element of truth.

Living in the coach is like living in a small one bedroom apartment. It has everything needed,. About the only thing I miss is no dishwasher but even that is no biggie. One of us has to wash dishes several times a day to keep the mess down.

The current motorhome is 34', if we end up doing this full time or near full time I expect we will go to a 40 footer. It is not needed but the extra space (and a dishwasher) would be nice.

See y'all on down the road,



  1. My wife and I are adepts of camping (in tent) and we do not miss anything. When moving the car is very full but we don't miss anything from home. We spend a lt of time cooking and do not need much more than traditional cookware. We found out that we can get rid of most "gadgets" that we may have at home. The only "luxury" we carry is our espresso machine for a good morning coffee.
    On the other hand we have a 30 trawler boat which is more like you coach and again we don't miss home when aboard. Yes we have less space but with time e realized that more space we have more junk we collect.
    Hope you are enjoying your time.
    Take care and keep us posted!

    Lionel, renovating his boat.

    1. Lionel,

      Years ago I lived for several years on my sailboat, while enjoyable it really was a lot less comfortable than the motorhome. The most enjoyable time was early morning coffee before the marina was awake. I expect a 30' trawler would be much better living than the sailboat. I would also think the trawler would be much like a motorhome but maybe not as stable :-). When you are ready to retire a marina host might be a good gig.

      ken, fixed the washer/dryer. The over the counter microwave light is next. BTW, the tool or tools needed are always back in Tucson.