Sunday, June 07, 2020

Bogger Eating Replies

I've tried two different browsers with the same result. Hit "publish" and the reply flashes on the screen and then disappears.  Sorry, some of the replies were just brilliant, damn I hate that when it happens.

Bob, I tried there times, of course each got shorter.



  1. Maybe the new blogger being forced on us in late june will fix that. I try twice and give up.

  2. I get that too, no idea why. I checked out the new blogger, cannot say im impressed with it, especially how they changed the stats we see.. Oh well we cannot stop progress.

    Bob, whose comment may or may not appear

  3. Ken
    If you are on the road and using your IPad that is probably why, me think


  4. Had the same experience yesterday trying to comment on Bob's post using the new blogger. It didn't work when I used the "Comment As" option of "Name and Website" (or similar), but when I left it that as default it worked

    Matt McGrane

  5. Steve D3:45 PM

    You misspelled "booger."

    Could be your browser blocking trackers, cookies, third party cookies, or actual boogers.