Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Blogger isn’t Letting Me Reply On The iPad

Blogger is being a PITA. If I can’t figure it out there will be no replies until we are back in Tucson.



  1. Ah yes, blogger and Ipad dont play nice together, as i was reminded lately when my win pc went kaput...

    Bob, with Rudy sticking by me, they are blowing up expired ammo next door on theWing, he is scared

  2. Oh, and i am reading this and commenting on my Ipad air

  3. Steve D7:36 PM

    Safari thing? Privacy/cookie settings? Can you load another browser? I get different behavior commenting on different blogs with different browsers.

    I can't leave comments on Ralph's blog with my normal browser (firefox on my home laptop) but can with a less buttoned down Chrome browser. At work my firefox works fine.

  4. I notice similar on various blogs, annoying, but Safari works for me

    Bob and Jean who just gave Rudy his bath. Did you knew that Ipads are water resistant :-)