Monday, March 05, 2018

Signing My Work

I have no need for a name stamp. If anyone ever wanted to find out who made something of mine all they need is a DNA test.

The critters made sure I didn't get a lot of sleep tonight. First it was Sam at 2330 wanting to go pee, then Maggie needing the same at 0130. In between It was fitful in and out sleep. After Maggie's wake up woof I couldn't go back to sleep. Of course both critters are in their beds and snoring away. I'm the only fool awake and chopping mortises.

Which brings me to the DNA. As usual I haven't a clue when or how, I was just beavering away when I noticed a puddle of blood on the leg I was working.  After a quick inspection of both hands I found the source, the outside edge of my left palm. Now the question is how in the hell do you cut yourself there.

I have a 0800 "show" this morning, hope the bleeding stops in time to finish up the last through mortise before donning the monkey suit. Whatever, when I finish and make it home it is back to pulling wires and installing outlets.


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