Monday, February 20, 2017

Texas Red

For every Texan worth his salt there are two truths: The only "real" BBQ comes from Texas and the best is __________ (fill in the blank) and they personally make the best Chili to be found anywhere.

What started me down this road today was making a pot of Chili this morning. BTW, Chili does not have beans or tomatoes in it, if it does it is bean or tomato soup. A proper bowel of red will have sliced and cubed beef not ground beef and never pork, turkey, or whatever other abomination non Texan and, I have to admit, even some so called Texans call Chili. In addition to beef, a mix of dried chili peppers. I like to use 3/4 Ancho, 1/4 Hatch, and 1/4 Chipotle peppers, a little Cumin and garlic with just enough water to process the peppers for the sauce. Add salt to taste, cook until the meat starts to "tender" stir in a small hand full of Masa de Maiz to thicken and simmer another 5 or 10 minutes. Serve with Saltine crackers, a big slice of onion, and some cheese on the the side. Close to heaven if there is one. Only beans and cornbread or BBQ from Luling City Market (I filled in the blank) come close to being as good.

One more thing to add, buy the toughest, cheapest meat in the market. The good stuff just falls apart and has no flavor. If done correctly the only water you need will come from the chili sauce. The reason for the chili selection is the Ancho are the major flavor, Hatch adds the heat, and the Chipotle peppers bring a wonderful smoky note. You can use nothing but Anchos and your Chili will be very good.

Paid off the mortgage today, Truck will follow in a few months. If anyone other than Trump, even another Republican, was in the White House I would retire....for now it ain't going to happen. Up until Shrub I alway maintained the President really couldn't do too much damage, the checks and balances were such they could constrain even the worst actors. Shrub proved that wrong, Trump scares me.

See you on down the road,



  1. Hi Ken

    Ouch. I have always fancied beans in my chili. I even had a discussion about the case with the chief officer on board.
    He agreed totally with you!

    I guess I'll have to send him a link for this post.


  2. Jonas,

    Pay attention to your Chief, he is a smart man :-). There is nothing wrong with bean soup, I've enjoyed many bowls on a cold day, but Chili is better.


  3. Hummm to us around here "our chili" version always had beans. My youngest son makes a good one, albeit pretty expensive, he puts lots of stuff in his:-)
    Chili is one of the few dishes that i like better the next day, reheated.
    You got me curious now, and i am gonna try to find those ingredients i never heard of....

    Bob, on a culinary trip.

    1. Up North chili needs beans for something to stick to your ribs. In my house we do not cook chili until it is chilly outside!

  4. Bob,

    When I was growing up almost every town had a "Chili Parlor". It was usually very narrow with just a counter and stools and maybe a few small tables along the wall. Not many left and the ones that are are not really Chili Parlors but yuppy theme bars.

    Done the old fashion Texas way Chili is a very simple dish just meat and ground chilies with a few "secret" spices that made it unique to that parlor.

    If you can't find the chilies let me know and I will send you a "care box" with instructions.